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SBA Loans Explained

Maybe the most under/misunderstood commercial finance product is the SBA Loan. Did you know the SBA doesn’t make loans? That’s right, the SBA is a government-run program to promote small business through the guarantee of loans for business operators. Not only that, there are different types of SBA Loans and in some situations, you can […]

SBA Loan Getting Approved

The Small Business Association is a government agency that offers assistance in many ways to small businesses. One of the ways it offers help is through its multiple SBA loan programs. These are basically loans that you can get through your typical lenders, but they are backed or guaranteed by the SBA. This lowers the […]

Alternative Financing

Alternative financing is a resource for business to assume the capital they need right away. Most alternative financing sources are able to streamline their processes and make decisions in a broader scope then we often find with traditional bank lending. Alternative lenders understand that business is challenging and change is sometimes the only constant, these lenders […]