Learn more about small-business loans. Small-business loans are typically issued only for businesses with a year or more of history and revenue. The government-guaranteed SBA loan program works with banks to offer low interest rates and long-term repayment. Online lenders offer term loans of up to $500,000.

Alternative Financing

Alternative financing is a resource for business to assume the capital they need right away. Most alternative financing sources are able to streamline their processes and make decisions in a broader scope then we often find with traditional bank lending. Alternative lenders understand that business is challenging and change is sometimes the only constant, these lenders can often provide financing even with credit worriments.

Alternative financing options and lenders are able to get capital to businesses quickly, when the business needs it. Augustine Capital is very often able to secure high-value business loans in less than two weeks and lower cost working cash in less than three days. This lending solution lets successful businesses take advantage of opportunities when and where they happen.

These time-sensitive opportunities include manufacturer purchase orders for discount material. When retailers need inventory for holiday seasons or find amazing wholesale deals they don’t want to pass up. Sometimes a commercial property hits the market and its necessary to acquire that property or lose it to the competition. In all these cases alternative financing allows for fluidity and flexibility that maximizes a business’ ability to leverage success.

It is an unfortunate truth . . .

Sometimes, especially in recent years, businesses have had to rely on alternative financing to keep the doors open and the lights on.

The latest economic recession caused the closure of many small and medium-sized businesses and created a necessity for tighter regulatory control over bank lending. Banks are not always equipped to handle special needs lending due to regulation or policy that can stop a business loan or require a time and labor intensive loan process that often results in denied applications and missed opportunities.  Sometimes banks just can’t lend because of risk, especially in (and recovering from) an economic crises.

Alternative financing helps business when the other options are too costly or restrictive. According to the Harvard Business Review, 37% of small businesses and firms use credit to operate and 20% more believe the process is too restrictive and complicated to be approved. This is where alternative lending solutions promote economic growth, innovation, and a substantial portion of the job market.

Augustine Capital Solutions has found financing for businesses that are relatively excluded from the mainstream market with creative and innovative approaches like sale and leaseback options, financing for companies that experienced bankruptcy in the recession, or unsecured credit lines to launch a new small business. There are times that banks are reticent to offer business loans, especially in cases of emergency or stress to the business.

Alternative funding and lending solutions provide business a way to launch, scale, and grow where traditional lending is unavailable. It allows a business to seize an opportunity or to weather a temporary storm. Every entrepreneur will experience a need to infuse capital into their business and often it’s alternative financing and innovative strategies that help them succeed.

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