Reliable National lenders are waiting for your Fix and Flip and Investment Property Financing applications.

Augustine Capital Solutions has a wide variety of accredited lending available for the real estate investor looking to purchase and rehab investment properties. Our full line of lending solutions allows you to gain the flexibility and speed required in a competitive fix and flip market.

With Augustine you can capitalize on the fantastic real estate opportunities regardless of where you are in the continental U.S. Our passion is funding your successful real estate ventures in a broad scope of financing products, terms, and resources.

Private investor interest in real estate is at its highest level since 2007. While interest rates remains low, property prices stay high, you are at a unique opportunity to realize your investment goals or to start your real estate investing business.

Buying, fixing, and flipping real estate can be very lucrative, but it does take a considerable capital investment to get your property to market. All of our successful fix and flip clients understand the value of protecting their cash flow by sourcing their funding from fix and flip loans, bridge loans, hard money loans, and mezzanine style lending.

Fix and Flip Loans

Our Single Asset Lending solutions are tailored for the investor capitalizing on the availability of foreclosed, bank owned, or under valued Single Family Residence (SFR) properties. Single asset lending includes traditional homes, duplexes, townhomes, and condo’s that have have less than four rentable units.

  • Up to 90% Loan to Value (LTV)
  • Terms to 12 months
  • Interest Only Payments
  • 75k to 1 million plus Available Immediately
  • 10 Days to Close

Portfolio Loans

Our portfolio loans are intended for the investor seeking to rehabilitate 5 or more properties. Commonly these properties include apartment buildings, condos, town homes, and we are able to provide innovative solutions in bundling multiple single family residences in a geographic radius into a portfolio loan.

  • 5+ Rental Properties
  • Single-family, Townhomes & Multi-Families with 5 plus units
  • Flexible Rates
  • Up to 75% of Value
  • 6 months to 10 Year Terms
  • Recourse and Non-recourse Options
  • $100K to $10M Loans
  • 10 to 14 Days to Close
  • Interest only payments on short term loans

Private Money Loans

We are bringing some of the most favorable commercial hard money and private loan terms to market. Our network of industry lenders, private investors, and hard money lenders know their success depends on your success. Our lending and commercial real estate know how puts you in the drivers seat.

  • No “junk” Fees or Terms
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Rates from 6.99%
  • Loan to Value Up To 90%
  • Terms up to 36 Months
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Low Origination Fees

Great for you, Better for your Community

Commercial Real Estate investors play a big part in revitalizing and improving their communities. Fix and flip investors bring new life to older or distressed homes and add to the appeal of neighborhoods.

Often newly renovated homes attract new people to forgotten neighborhoods and make substantial contributions to the local economy. By revitalizing properties with private lending and hard money, or bridge loans, the investor is really investing in the community as well as their real estate portfolio, providing quality renovated homes where distressed and foreclosed properties once stood.

When viable investment properties and valuable homes stay vacant, no one wins. That’s why we believe in our valuable Single Family Residence (SFR) investors. With the right financing you can bring valuable properties back to market for new families to enjoy and grow in.

Find top rated commercial fix and flip, hard money, and bridge lending. We believe our CRE investors are building dreams.